Aug 19, 2011

Strike Freedom WIP 3

Along with my last post here is why you actually come back I assume. More scribing complete on the MG Strike Freedom. In my standard way of doing things I have completed almost all of one side. For some reason I hate doing the same part. pressure to make it all match maybe. Anyway the pictures can show you what I have done.

Almost no pla-plate or other pieces are going to be added. I am focusing on the color scheme and panel lines this time.

Fight Gone Bad 6

It is not very often I find a cause worthy of giving up a Saturday morning of Gunpla for, but this one really hits home for me so I am going to put it out there. I have joined with other CrossFit Athletes here in Okinawa and around the world for Fight Gone bad 6. Its 17 minutes of grit and determination. This years charities include the Special Operations Wounded Warrior Fund and the CrossFit Foundation. Both extremely worthy causes. I have added a link to my site so you can join me if you live here in Okinawa, or donate if you so please. I appreciate any help you can provide to this worthy cause.
Again Thank you.

Aug 10, 2011

Strike Freedom WIP 2

A little vacation and a wonderful place to sit and work on Gundam while I was waiting on my kids to wake from "quiet time".
Got the first of the two wing sections done as you can see with this one I am going to be extremely sparing with my use of pla-plate and other parts to break up the clean lines. That being said I am spending a lot of time on panel lines.

Here you can see where I am taking away the seam lines and getting things ready for scribing/final priming.

Here is the lengthened rear skirt section a trick part to extend for sure with it being on an angle and all. But its done I may have to cut some so the base will fit but that is another days update.

And the beefed up back pack now with more power (uhh ohh uhh as Tim Allen would say) I think this makes it a lot better looking.

That is my progress so far, back to work tomorrow so might slow down some...thanks for looking.

Aug 5, 2011

MG Strike Freedom WIP 1, Snap fit complete.

One positive thing about the typhoon that has me stuck in my house for 3 days is I completed the snap fit on the MG Strike Freedom (SF) A fun build and a good looking Gundam for sure. As I sat there trying to figure out a good color scheme for this one (watching Gundam Unicorn) I was inspired by Char. So in his honor, this SF will become Char's 3rd coming. I have started on the modifications already, nothing close to the Dom, but some changes for sure. Any ways here are some pictures of the SF for you.

First noted improvement will be the addition of larger boosters for the back pack as fast as this guy is those puny thrusters just aren't enough. Oh and the center piece on the waist needs to be longer it just doesn't look right. If you remember; I had the same thoughts with the Unicorn.

Being me, I have zero intentions of doing a one red color scheme. That being said; below are the colors I have chosen to go with. I am keeping the frame gold other than that nothing will look the same.
Hope you like it. Thanks for looking. :)

Aug 3, 2011

Introducing, MS-09R Rick Dom Ver. Tem!!!!

Its official! After months of work I have finished this beast. Its funny, but this guy was more work than the 2 PG's I have done in the past few months. It was a true test of my skills, and an introduction to skills didn't even know I had. Weathering is a lot of fun, but there is a fine line between too much and the right amount. The powders adhered a little too well on the white due to some left over masking tape residue. Oh well live and learn. I really like the colors and even did some extra work in the details dept with enamels (a lot easier to brush on than acrylics!) This is also one of the few kits I have ever done in a flat finish rather interesting. In the end I will say this kit is for sure a Ver Tem, built for me as selfish as that sounds after 3 kits for other people I needed one that I did what ever whim came into me head. Hence the bazooka arm lol. The idea behind this guy is a battle tested long range model. The stars on the bazooka are based on old kill tags on fighter aircraft. The sword arm is a last resort defense having cut away a lot of his armor to save weight there was need to reinforce sections to ensure no stress points during hard maneuvers and battles. Hope you like it!

MS-09R Rick Dom Ver Tem!

Gots D.R.A.G.O.O.N!!

There you have it the MS-09R Rick Dom Ver Tem. Hope you enjoy it, and thank you for looking!

Aug 1, 2011

Rick Dom WIP 9 paint & weathering

As you can see, I have painted the frame and the other parts now. As usual I didn't reassemble after priming I hate doing that part honestly. I am also weathering for the first time ever. Its an interesting process. I am using weathering powders, and flat painting after there is still a lot more but first I must finish decals. I will let the pictures talk for me the rest of the way.

The weathering looks super strong, but once its clear coated it becomes a lot more subdued.

Hope you like it.