Dec 31, 2011

Bring on 2012!!!!

Well as we start the supposed last year the Miyans, decided to make a calendar so now the world is going to end....right...anyway.

There are a lot of fun events happening though.
1. I was one of the winners in the
Prize was a MG of my choice: I went with the MG Full Armor Unicorn Ver. Ka an obvious choice I know.

Now the 2 main events of the year for the MAC Forums!!!!!!!!!

The Zaku Group Build hosted by MAC, organized by Aulon, and the biggest Mech building competition of the year (Gundam Guys G-shot entry deadline was today) the 2012 MECHA Contest!!!!

For details:

Myself like most have waited to start the majority of our Zaku build (started in Dec) So we could enter this competition as well. So if you build mechs of any kind, or wanted to start here is an amazing excuse. Oh did I mention there are 50 different prizes to be won!?! Including 2 I have donated.

As for builds, I am working on my first ever Resin kit the ELS Qan[T]:

A fun kit and a totally new build experience for me. I am enjoying the resin kit style and look forward to building more. But for now I will work on this one and bring in the new year. I owe some pictures for sure. Sorry :)

Until next year my friends and fellow builders of Gunpla! Happy New Year! May it bring you more joy than any of your past years, and less sorrow as well! T

Thank you for stopping by.

Dec 22, 2011

Introducing the RGM-79(G) Sniper Diorama

It is complete!!!!

The story: A HiZack has fallen from orbit and is trying to get back to its base, along the way a seasoned patrolling EFGF RGM-79(G) Sniper locates some movement on its sensors and follows the HiZack some how the HiZack hears the sniper and gets off a shot it grazes the snipers side, and shoulders. This is the only successful grouping of shots though. After the HiZack turns and fires the RGM-79(G) gets two kill shots in; the first one disabling the head camera and decapitating it, the second shot straight through the shield into the chest separating the Hizack from its legs.

I used the soft masking technique I shared earlier to get the camouflage coloring scheme. I didn't go too heavy on the weathering because I didn't want to cover the lovely paint up. I added antennas for sensors and some heavy bolts and plating to add detail to an older kit. This was a lot of fun to build for sure. A soldering iron was used to create the major damages, and a file was used to create the other nicks and scratches.

I hope you like it! as always Comments and concerns are welcome!

Hope you like it, thank you for stopping by!

Dec 10, 2011

RGM-79(G) Sniper WIP 10 (decided that was a good number)

Well if this is WIP 10 then I might be missing some, but you will forgive me for that, and if not then um this next WIP is just going to be awkward. :)

Finished doing the camouflage paint scheme this afternoon between breaks in the rain...Got to love the winters here in Okinawa. Some people were asking for some pictures and an explanation on how I was going to do it. I will let you know that I did not come up with this idea. I just stole it and am sharing it again.

Step 1: 3x5 card or in my case half cards that I found at the store. Draw out the design you want to be used. Remember this is a soft mask so the lines are not going to be perfect.

Here is the design cut out and ready to go. Mix up your color and go to your perfect paint spot. Mine is a little closet that's outside.
I used higher pressure, because I wanted more bleed over. Lighter pressure will allow for more precision.
Once you paint it you can see how I have 3 clearly defined colors, I used different shapes for them all to add details. I just went 100% randomly and painted the colors.
This is what I had before I started to paint. Just brown BLAH!!!

And here is my newly painted, and futured RGM.

Ready for panel lines and decals. So shiny. Don't worry I will flat coat it after all the other crap I have to do is done. So many steps.

Dec 5, 2011

RGM-79 WIP 9 or 10....

Ok so I lost count on the WIP's and don't feel like going back to look. Took some photos as I get ready to prep for paint. I used a technique I saw on the Internet to add texture to the armor. Sorry I forget what site I found it on otherwise I would give props, I am not that original after all.
Basically all I did was take a piece of the armor, put some tamiya cement on it liberally I might add. after letting it set for a feds seconds, I took a tooth brush and brushed in all different directions.
Here you can see the final results of the work. Now to finish it....
BAM!!! one textured Gundam.

A few missed places in the armor on the legs, but 95% done.
I know there are comments on the clean dio, but I had an old HiZack and thought maybe it would finish up the duo if there was a story. My thoughts are the HiZack has fallen from space and was in transit back to a friendly base when the RGM-79 located him a furious search and tracking culminated in a clean kill.

Nothing is final, no placement done. Just playing with the idea right now. Please share your thoughts. And as always thank you for looking.

Dec 2, 2011

RGM-79(G) Sniper

I really wanted to start work on my Zaku build, but I need to practice working on the Camouflage painting technique I will be using on it. So I will have to live with finishing this build. I hate having unfinished work in my closet anyway. I have a really hard time going back and working on it. Case in point the F-91 I started like 8 months ago.

I got the Dio done to 95% complete. Need to let the glue dry and then paint the trees to lose that plastic look, but beyond that I am good with what I have done.

Initial placement of the RGM looks good to me. Need to finish one of the legs and one arm and I can start cleaning up and and priming.

And a couple of close ups so you can see what I have accomplished so far. I am really working on adding the little details that need to be done to give that 100% complete look. Painting is going to take me a while on this guy too. I will take a lot of photos of the process so I can share it with my readers.

Hope you like what you see. This is my first post from my new iMac, took some figuring out to get the images re sized, and edited so I liked them, but I think I have it all figured out for now. Thank you for stopping by.