Dec 10, 2010

PG 00 Raiser Paint Scheme.

So there seem to be a few questions about the intended paint scheme for the oo. As always I will not be painting this Gundam OOTB color scheme. I do like the blue, red, white scheme on this one though and will be using that as a base. That being said just one blue, red, and white will never do that's just not a Ver Tember. I have taken a photo of all the colors I have for the 00, They are in no particular order; Blue, Cobalt Blue, Bright Blue, Metallic Blue Green, Red Madder, Shine Red, Metallic Red, Metal Black, Burnt Iron, White, Off White, White Green. 12 colors all together not including detailing colors and such. I still have a little bit of snap fitting to do. The weapons for the 01 Raiser need to be built, but They don't ever use them in the series ( I believe I noted this earlier) and one more weapon needs built. Scribing is a slow process especially once the first side is done I have to measure every line to ensure symmetry which I feel is vital to the look. I don't intend to do a lot of shading, I like hard lines I think they really add some visual interest. So that would be about the amount of detail I am willing to share or at least the amount of stuff I have planned at this point for the paint scheme. I am still laying out the panel lines and will do some pla-plating even though my skills with that stuff are greatly limited. DC23 I need you do cut some pieces for me and mail them here lol. I hope this excites you about what I am going to do with 12 different colors on one PG Gundam! it should look awesome, but will for sure take me a long time to do with all the masking and such. As always it will be worth all the effort.
Until next time, Enjoy the hobby.

Dec 6, 2010

PG 00 Raiser WIP 2

Here we are looking at the second half of a massive build! The O Raiser. What a sick Addition this thing is going to be! I have pretty much decided that I am going to have this thing attached at final assembly. It is just too awesome in that form not too. Here is the complete o1 Raiser minus weapons, I have yet to complete that stuff, I haven't seen them in the series though. Not sure I will even use them in the display set up either.

Here is the 98% complete leg. As you may have noticed by now I am not a huge fan of pla-plate. But I do love scribing. I intend to do a lot of blues reds and whites in this guy and that being the case I need to scribe in a lot of lines to use as breaks. I know some people don't like my harsh lines, and there are times I like to soften the lines, but there are times when a hard line just looks so clean. Not too many drilled holes though I am letting my drills rest this time. The other leg is left in for comparison. I am not sure if I am going to use Miliput yet. If I do I will take a lot of extra photos so I can do a tutorial on it as requested. I have not forgotten. I just haven't done anything with Miliput.

That is where the PG 00 is at this point. I am hoping the holidays allow me a lot of build time. With traveling if it allows I will be away from my painting supplies so that will be on hold, but that is the nature of things. Hope you like what you see so far.

Dec 2, 2010

GG Infinite!!!! is OPEN!!!!!

Is officially open! Gundam Guys store of which I have been shopping via email now for a few months is up and running. It is a great looking web store I must say!!! Gundam Guy is a trusted source for all things Gunpla if you are in need contact this guy and if it can be found he can get it!