Apr 26, 2012

The Addiction Continues...Space Marines this time

The addiction continues......As you can see I well, I didn't get to working on my resin Gundam. I am having a lot of fun hand painting and working on tiny details. That being said here I am working on my Necrons and Space Marines. I did use some of my plating skills and putty knowledge to fix some unsightly seam lines on the Dreadnought. And I will say that my Pro-Weld works amazingly well on closing up seam lines and making things like the hand connection points look natural. The first photos have not been primed yet.

So here you can easily see the Pla-plate on top.

And here if I would have taken before picture you would have seen some ugly connection points, but Pro-Weld took care of all that.

I still have some sanding to do on this guy and some clean up on the dreadnought to get them ready for painting. I am thinking because these are my first Space Marines I will paint them in the traditional colors. I know there are a ton of different schemes that they can be painted, but I have to find more of the colors schemes out and well, I need to get more paint!
Here are my Necron Warriors and the little flying guys they come with. Not sure what they are called. I will have to get that one for my next post I suppose.
Not a lot of variety in building these guys so I tried to have them looking around a little differently or holing their weapon differently.

And now a before with size comparison to the Necron
And the after priming. I have yet to find a white primer I like at all. They all seem to pool around and that is just not all right with all the details, it really looks awful. Heck I ruined 4 Chaos Space Marines because of it. So I plan on priming with this gray primer I really like, then base coating in white or black.

And there should always be a Space Marine with a rocket launcher. Who doesn't need one of those?

That's where I am with these projects, I am really enjoying the hand painting. Its a nice break from airbrushing. As always thank you for stopping by.

Apr 22, 2012

Warhammer 40k Gretchins

My,trip to Pennsylvania was eventful; a wedding(not mine), and 2 new found locations to get Games Workshop items. I got some Necrons, Orks, and Space Marines. Basically I am planning on starting with the Necrons, Chaos Space Marines, and Space Marines. The Orks were just an added bonus.  I started reading the rules to this game and I can only say that it looks really complicated. I will have to figure out the hows and why of building an army up properly before making any decisions on that end. But Painting them is a lot of fun and could be a lot more portable hobby when I am traveling.
Here are my Ork Gretchins fresh off the drying rack. This was a true test for me as I really focused on the details and using a lot of techniques to get them right. Nothing perfected for sure, but I did get some good practice using the techniques that I have been watching on YouTube. Got to love YouTube.
I used two different greens, one a Vallejo, and one a Citadel paint. I wanted to see which one I liked more. At this point I like the Vallejo's the coverage was better, and when they were thinned the coverage remained just as good.

I even got to practice painting checker patterns. And using different washes. On the beast I used a really bright magenta to undercoat, then a darker red over it with a soft body wash.

None of the bases are finished because I intend to make a diorama to hold all of them and will remove them from the stock plastic bases once I have that all built.

Well, that's what I have for now. Back to work on my Resin Booster Gundam now. I need to get that done before my big move in July. As always thank you for stopping by.