Sep 20, 2011

MG Strike Freedom, Char's Return!!!

Presenting the MG Strike Freedom Ver. Tem. Char's return! This was a really fun build, and I know I said it before, but I love this blue! It really keeps the Seed series feel while in my opinion not taking away from the red scheme of things. I kept the gold frame and used a black enamel wash to bring out all the details of it. Most of the decals are subtle due to the gold not being a strong color against the red, but I like it gives it a bit of subtlety in an otherwise strong color scheme.

As you can see I managed to lose the darn face mask. Kind of like the look without it honestly. But I did order a replacement that I will paint and stick on there.

Close up shot of the frame w/ enamel wash.

I love the little box I added to cover the wires coming out of the side really cleaned all that up. I just couldn't see adding all the power in the thrusters and not needing some sort of field modification to add fuel and power.
I even tried my hand at of all things painting by hand the clear blue came out all right, I think if it was a lacquer or enamel based paint it might have come out a little cleaner. Oh well. Live and learn. I am no Kamm after all.

There you have it. The MG Strike Freedom Ver. Tem. I had a lot of fun building this one, and think I met my goal of not falling in with the crowd of SF's that have been out there in the past. Red is a fun color, but honestly a challenging one to work with as a major color on the Gundam. Well on to my next build the RGM-79(G) GM Sniper. Going with a military look on this one and in honor of the upcoming fall (my favorite season) I will be using a fall color scheme. Hope you like what you see and thank you for looking! Tember.

Sep 12, 2011

MG Strike Freedom WIP 5

Small update from big work. Airbrushing is done! now touch up and details. I like the mix of colors I went with. The blue has made the list of colors I will be using as a primary on another gundam. As you can see below, I have started the duanting task of masking these things. Went with the use a brush to touch it up idea after that because the gaps are too small to fit tape! And its too humid here for the silly putty trick. Even after 10-15 minutes the putty starts to loose its shape. The photos are below I will let them do some talking.

The reds for the body, being me I had to use more than one shade. :)
And the Wings from the back pack as a sneak preview. There is not a lot of blue on this guy, but I wanted to break up the reds with something that popped and this blue was the answer. I love this color!
Any way Hope you like it.

Sep 2, 2011

MG Strike Freedom WIP 4

Well, I have been swamped with work lately. I have managed to get down to the last few parts that need to be scribed. Thank goodness for that! Some serious work has been put in filling and sanding all the imperfections as I have gone along. I am hoping this will mean I miss less when I am looking at the final primed pieces. I decided that this one will be going to my Dad, so no pressure there right? Either way here are some updated photos as I work along in this guy. Hoping to definitely be different from all the other Strike Freedoms out there.

I figured with the added boosters I should upgrade the fuel lines. I am going to SB a small box to cover them, but right now they have been glued and puttied in place.

Just a little more to go and BAM I can paint. On another amazing note Gundam Guy managed to locate me the Pro Shop Limited Edition RB-79 which is currently in the mail now! I am too excited for this; as this is going to be a part of my first ever diorama! all other projects will most likely stop when this guy arrives. So I need to get the SF done lol.

Hope you like it.