Mar 6, 2011

Introducing the PG 00 Raiser Ver Tem.

After almost 4 months of planning, cutting, scribing, painting (with masking in there too), and decals I give the PG 00 Raiser Ver Tem. This thing is huge!!! I absolutely loved building this Gundam and barring a major price drop would build it again. So many details and pieces, so much to think about and the overall size when you attach the Raiser it just insane, and yet so awesome.

The Raiser is below, I didn't build the weapons as they were not used in the Anime and I love this particular series so I didn't want to stray too far from the original idea.

I did how ever interject some details that I thought important, like the yellow at the weapons points.

A little blue on the belly for added details.

And why not add an extra Celestial Being symbol?

Or two, it is a Ver Tem after all and I like extra details.

I know no pilot, I almost never paint the people. Just lazy I guess.

Now the Double 0 Gundam:

I did the hands in a little bit more Astray style, color, I thought it complimented the colorful scheme.

Extra decals on the shoulders so you know who's coming at you.

Cut away sections of the red on the body to expose more frame the same was done on the legs.

Those little details that people not actually looking at it will most likely never see, I used blue on the back of the head. Thought it fitting.

The legs needed some blue also. So I scribed a spot and went with it. Honestly I plan the colors but not the where or how until I am actually masking the parts off.

Another cut away, and the Mecha Skunk Thrusters!

Not the best crop job, but I didn't want to cut the picture up. I need a photo studio I guess.

There you have the OO Raiser Ver Tem. The PG Red Astray is next as its a gift, and being done in the Honor of a friend who built it and in doing so made me think of it again when my Brother-in-law asked what one I thought he would like. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Just a quick look of this kit already shows that a lot of work is put into it.

    I will have to give this guy a closer look after I come back from church. And will comment further.

  2. looks great tem. the masking must've been hell but it turned out fine, especially the O Raiser. the decals were well-placed as well. mind if i feature this on my site? congrats for a job well done TG.

  3. @ GG Thank you, have a great one!

    @ZionMachines, feature away, thank you for the kind words. Masking was "fun" worth it but very time consuming to say the least.

  4. :D

  5. Wow, I commented on your page a while ago, but I missed this comment. Thank so very much for sharing this on your site! Quite an honor. Thank you.