Mar 25, 2011

PG Astray WIP 2

Here it is another cloudy day in Okinawa, a wonderful day for Gunpla! I have been working hard on the Astray, I have issues calling it the Red Astray as I have no intention on leaving it red at all.
A few things I have noticed so far is that there are pieces that will need to be glued in place after paint! That is rather disappointing being this is a Perfect Grade Gundam. Not that glueing is a huge challenge, but I need to ensure that this guy gets to the non-gundam building customer in one piece with no issues.
The other odd thing is the order of the build, I can jump around but I find it easier to just go in order so that I dont lose things. Build the legs, waist, chest, head, --> gun, sword, shield. Not sure why they did that, but an armless Gundam with that awesome sword...just sad.

I am taking a different approach with the eyes on this one, I know there is an LED in there, but I figured with the colors I chose and the fact that I seriously doubt the head will ever be disassembled to get a battery in there. I went with white eyes. I like them, they stand out more.

The other thing that has me wondering is why would the pieces in between the backpack and the chest be faced up like that. I am thinking about flipping them and adding thrusters instead.

The shield and gun were standard, there are some cool hidden details that I will cut the cover to expose, although I think this guy will never be displayed with the gun and shield. If I built based on what you saw though I wouldn't have to do 3/4 of the things I do already.

The sword has given me other things to figure out though;

How do you fix nub marks on chromed pieces? as you can see here knife, and file didn't leave me any choice but to sand later on and paint it. I do not want to do that on the actual sword though. the marks are a lot smaller but still there. Very frustrating to say the least.
That is the build to date I should have the snap fit done this weekend and start on that scribing and plating pretty soon. There isn't a lot of room or need for scribing on this guy; that is a rare thing for me to think I know, but the details are really nice already. Until next time keep building.

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