Aug 20, 2010

X-1 Crossbone Gundam DONE!!!

After much work and attention to detail as I invented the decal layout for this guy. Didn't like what I was given so I went another route. -_- All in all this kit was a lot of fun. My first time cutting any parts of the panels, and at least in my humble opinion the scribe work is much improved from my last kit to this one! :l I did a little crossing of the colors to give it some added flavor, I will say doing a half and half scheme adds a ton of possible mistakes. I truly had to keep EVERY thing for one color separate at all times! The fact that there were no poly caps is nice also everything sit tightly and movement is smooth. Even though the red decals didn't show on the red all that well, I did put everyone down where it went. It felt futile at times, but I think they show in the photos well. All in all, I am pleased with the kit; there was a lot of potential to customize and add pla-plate. I kept it simple with the plating focusing on the scribing, knowing I was going to do the panel lines in red to bring them out; I really wanted to get a lot of that effect. Well for those of you who haven't just moved on to the pictures. Enjoy X-1 Crossbone Ver. Tem
Just kidding, that is just the awesome custom base! I thought it was worth a picture also.

Hope you enjoyed. Please post comments on what you think. Until next time. Gunpla on!


  1. i liked the idea, its like ala 2 face from batman but with originality of colors. cheers for you for building one of the smallest mg class gundam!

  2. This guy is small for sure, and a two tone paint job is a nightmare to keep organized. But thank you so much for the compliment.