Feb 15, 2012

Zaku WIP 5, the paint

The painting is in the works, and assemble a little bit in there too. I have some clean up to do, but for the most part the painting is done. I added a lot of little details to the frame this time to help give this Zaku a lot of extra details.

As you can see this Zaku has lost the spiked arm in favor of the dual shield setup. Enough talk the pictures will show you what I have done. I went with a lot of red/brown shades in this guy.

Cut aways on the shield with the rifle power generator needed added mechanical and electrical details.

You can see the painted shocks, and other metal sections.

Even painted the shocks inside the shoulders and elbows.

As always thank you for stopping by.

Feb 8, 2012

MG Zaku WIP 4

Man, I have been super busy lately. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been working on a contest Resin build for E2046.com I can't link to any of my pictures or show it on any other website per the contest rules. I built an ELS Qan with a custom color scheme. Go and check out their competition section and vote for me! (:

On to the Zaku build I have the other leg done now. No pictures it look exactly like the one in my last post. I have the arms, chest, and shoulder shields done now as well. I will let the pictures do the talking.

I didn't cut a lot away from the shields. I figure you would want to have a lot of armor there. I did cut out a small section and added some mechanical details in there for some added detail on the shield where the power box is for the Sniper rifle.

Nothing fancy on this side just a few more spikes, and some vents and other details.

I need to do some more pal-plate now and a few finishing touches here and there to get all the details done right. Then prime and look it over to make sure there are no blemishes I missed. Hopefully life will slow down some and I can focus on fun things as opposed to work and such (:

As always thank you for looking. Comments are always welcomed.