Feb 28, 2011

PG 00 Raiser assembly part 2!!

900+ pieces and I manage to lose 1!!! That was how the night ended for me last night. As I sat finishing the reassembly of this behemoth. As you can see below a puzzle frame makes for a nice platform with edges to not lose the pieces. I have no doubt the small polycap I lost from the sword assembly was lost well before I started putting this thing back together. Heck its been disassembled for over a month now so 1 piece isn't too bad right.

So you can see my work area, only took 2-3 hours to get it all back together and ready for panel lining and a final clear coat.
I did for the first time use some Mecha Skunk parts, and I can tell you it will not be the last!!! They are awesome. I took a few photos so you can see my take on the 00 Raiser. Its not a full custom, but every once in a while you have to build one that is close right? I think I did my norm justice though with 3 blues, 2 whites, and 2 reds.

A little better angle on the upgrades boosters along side the original ones. It looks a lot better now. Below is the finished product.

The foot was a lot of fun adding lines and deciding on a final way to paint it so it was loud, but not too loud. A fine balance.

Below is a tragedy. My attempt at hand Painting, Kamm I am sorry man I am an airbrusher (word?) at heart. Needless to say the base was sanded and repainted today. Can't have this blemish out there in the world of Gunpla. Oh well maybe someday I will master hand painting large areas...until then I have my Iwata Airbrush to save me.

Final steps are on the move Possible decals by Friday...
Till then keep building!

Feb 26, 2011

An entire year

Here I sit thinking how a year ago I found this cool looking model and hey I was bored and it didn't need glue or anything so why not try it out. Little did I know that was going to start a love affair with something called Gunpla/Gundam what ever you decide it should be called. I thought it would be fun to post some slightly edited images of my last years builds.

RB-79 Ball Ver Ka. Gundam, OOTB build.
PG Strike Gundam, OOTB Build.
Sinanju Ver Ka, my first custom color scheme and slightly modified build. This was the one that motivated me to share my passion with the rest of the interweb. :)
Shin Musha, again slightly modified and minor changes to the color scheme.
X-1 Crossbone Full Cloth Ver Tem, custom paint scheme, cut away armor sections and heavy scribe work. Something that I feel is a definite style point for me.
Tactical Unicorn Ver Tem. full custom color scheme, cut away a lot of armor to expose more phsyco frame.
The O Ver Tem, this was a 3 month love affair drilling holes for 2 solid weeks I think, I repressed those memories. I love how this one came out! Again a lot of scribe work, pin-vise time, and although I stayed close to the intended colors I did make it my own.
There you have it a year in the life of Tember Gundam. I am by no means the fastest builder, nor the best, but I am working on improving everyday, and testing my abilities with each build!
The PG 00 Raiser's painting is complete I will begin to refit all the pieces back on tomorrow and should have pre decal photos soon.

Feb 21, 2011

Masking Tape!!!!!

As the title says stage one of the painting is complete. After letting the pieces set for 24 hours to fully cure I have now pulled all the masking tape off and am undergoing the remasking process. I am truly enjoying my Iwata airbrush! Changing the colors a little bit and with that change and 2 rolls of masking tape I am working diligently to get the work done. But at the rate that I am masking it may (will) be a few days for sure before I am done painting and reassembling this beast. Just as a tease a few pictures below. I finished the white two tone last night. The red is masked and ready for tone number two, and the blue is in process of masking for tone two of three. So needless to say there is still a lot of work to be done.

So far I really like the colors and the Off-white (darker one) is really a nice color that will be used again!!! Hope you like the sneak peek!!

Feb 6, 2011

PG Red Astray.

Here it is the third build in line right now. And a daunting one at that. The colors have been chosen for me as this is a build for my Brother-in-Law, but I get to chose how they are done. Molly Green (Kawasaki Green), bright orange, and grey. I cannot decide if I want to go green frame or grey frame. The orange is to be a pure detail color, not a major color. As you know though I cannot build and paint anything the way its supposed to be, even if I use the same base idea I have to make it mine. So that's where I am at on this guy. I might start the snap fit as my luggage is still not in from the US, and that's where the PG 00 and the Sword impulse are right now...Tokyo I think.

This was also the PG my good friend Dung built, he passed away 2 weeks ago now and I want to make sure this Astray is something he can look at where ever he is and be proud that it followed in the steps of his build. Keep building!

Feb 1, 2011

What have I done!!!

Unlike what that title says it was all intentional. For the first time I have decided to go beyond cutting small holes and scribing I have dove into the realm of Cutting. What a wonderful place it is when it is called for. This is the leg to my Sword Impulse. It is going to be a dark color scheme, so I am not scribing a lot of line details in because they would just get lost in the dark colors. That being the case. I thought that I should continue my trend of pushing my skills. This did it.

Its nothing major, just a split on one of the panel seams. I then cut away small portions to expose more of the frame which on this guy will be a lighter color than the body will be. I did cut out small sections also to keep the aggressive look of the Seed series Gundams. I am going to be adding pla-plate to this guy for sure. With added pla-plate there is less need for panel lines as well. Some days I like to create a lot more work for myself. Oh well, it'll look good in the end. I hope.

There you have it, day one of detailing the Sword Impulse and I am already making it look better. I am excited to get home and work on the PG Raiser, but until then this guy will enjoy being worked on.
Keep building!
Tember Gundam