Feb 1, 2011

What have I done!!!

Unlike what that title says it was all intentional. For the first time I have decided to go beyond cutting small holes and scribing I have dove into the realm of Cutting. What a wonderful place it is when it is called for. This is the leg to my Sword Impulse. It is going to be a dark color scheme, so I am not scribing a lot of line details in because they would just get lost in the dark colors. That being the case. I thought that I should continue my trend of pushing my skills. This did it.

Its nothing major, just a split on one of the panel seams. I then cut away small portions to expose more of the frame which on this guy will be a lighter color than the body will be. I did cut out small sections also to keep the aggressive look of the Seed series Gundams. I am going to be adding pla-plate to this guy for sure. With added pla-plate there is less need for panel lines as well. Some days I like to create a lot more work for myself. Oh well, it'll look good in the end. I hope.

There you have it, day one of detailing the Sword Impulse and I am already making it look better. I am excited to get home and work on the PG Raiser, but until then this guy will enjoy being worked on.
Keep building!
Tember Gundam


  1. It looks really good! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you, my issue is once I start modding them I have a hard time stopping. Eventually the armor would just be little strips holding the frame back :).