Jun 26, 2010

A small gathering.

After finishing the Ver Ka Sinanju; I decided it was time to take an inventory of the Gundam I have stashed in the closet so the Wife won't remember exactly how many I have. 16 is the number...not as many as some I hope, I just can't help myself when I see one I have never seen before I have to take a look; heck its how I found the F91 and the Ver. Ka Victory(I checked only a small sheet of dry rubs this time. As you can tell I am a snob for MG...the only HG I have is the Kshatriya, and that one well if they ever make it in MG I will be getting that one also. Needless to say there are times for me when it is hard to decide what I want to do next. The PG Raiser I got for Father's day is there tempting me, but also intimidating me with the amount of work it will be. I want to improve my scribing techniques before I try that guy.

While accouting for my kits in waiting I thought it best to see what paints I have left since I bought another yellow and some clears today thinking I was out...little did I know I now own 5 clears; good thing paint doesn't go bad.

The decision is in for the next build: Shin Musha Gundam! Picked the water slides up today and verified I have all the paints I want for this one. I am looking at a scheme like this:
Armor: H33 Russet as the main color, detailed with H43 Wine Red, Black will be black, and I will be using H21 Off White to stay with the darker scheme of the model. The frame will be H38 Steel Red, the weapons will be wood. I am going to experiment with a dark wash on the wooden parts to make them look more realistic. I am not looking to do much in the way of custom colors on this one; I will scribe in panel lines and other details, but the paint scheme on this one is just fine with me. Of course after its done and I have the masking tape in hand there will be deviations there always is.

Finished the body, head, and some of the left arm last night. Initial build should be done soon then the planning stage. Its hard for me to plan where to detail until I see it built once.

That is all I have today have a great weekend!

Jun 25, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju FINISHED!!!

It is officially done! After a week of working nights and not having any time at all to work on my Gundam (school is getting in the way also). I have completed the decals and clear coat on the Ver. Ka. There were some mishaps with the decals, but that is the problem with dry rubs.

All in all I am very happy with my first legitimate attempt at a custom work of my own. Need to locate some good white primer if I ever decide to cover black with white again. As for covering red with orange I think the primer just helped cover the blemishes.
Learned some important things about painting and how to improve upon it. As for the rest, enjoy the pictures. Used the lovely Okinawa sunshine to brighten things up.

Well that is that, enjoy; thinking about the Shin Musha or my PG Raiser for my next endeavour. Not decided just yet. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my work.

Jun 19, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP...Lost count

No, I have not abandoned anything here...I fell into a hole of time consumption.

Ah the trap that is decaling. It looks so good and as I slowly cut down on the number of decals left on the sheet it feels like I am accomplishing something.

All I have left to do are the legs, weapons, and the other side piece to the thruster pack (working on that now) So close but still so far.

Have a happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there.

Jun 17, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju

A very fast update its late here. Started on the decals...its going to take me a few days to ensure they are done right. But as with all Ver. Ka's its going to add some great detailing. After this some clear coat if the humidity drops..(any one have any tricks to clear coat please share) and then final the panel lines.

Until next time.

Jun 16, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP 4

Another productive night; at least in my opinion.

Started assembling the pieces so I can tackle the daunting task of the decals this guy. Kind of overwhelming at this point. Over 100 dry rub decals...there are some days I wouldn't mind stickers, but it will look great in the end. Here you can see the torso, waist, one of the thruster packs, and arms completed.

I painted the thrusters silver on the outside and copper on the inside to stick with the color scheme. Normally I like gold on the inside, but change can bring about good things. I still need to do the flat black in the centers, but paint must dry.
The dry brushing really brings out some of the details of the frame; more so that just panel lining. I went light on the panel lines in this guy also.

I still have to assemble the legs and then on to the decals that will be a slow process for sure. I will post the pics once it is all done.

Jun 15, 2010

A good day after all!

Well it was pouring down rain all day long as it does here in Okinawa during the "rainy season" But the wife said she had a surprise for me and Bam!!! PG 00 Raiser with stand and both set of decals...and the F-91 I have been looking all over for! What an awesome early fathers day gift!

Then while we were out this evening stashed behind a stack of Force Impulse Gundams was this guy...all in all it was a good day.

Started the panel lining on the Ver. Ka Sinanju today didn't get far with the family time. Will post that up tomorrow.

Jun 14, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP 3

Got a lot of the painting and all the silver done last night. Some times I think my imagination is more capable than my hands are. Oh well; that is how you learn I suppose. I am really happy with how the 2 tone orange came out. Debating on if I want to dry brush the frame or not. I have never done Dry Brushing, but from reading it sounds doable. Might really add that last bit of detail I am looking for with this guy.

There is still a lot of detail painting to get done on this one not to mention the panel lining, thrusters, and then the decals...I would have loved to find a set of the black ones that Gaijin Gunpla used, but I think that the white ones I have mixed with a few water slides I have from other kits will really come out nicely.

I still need to read about photographing the Gundam and the like to improve that part of the fun.

Dry brushing done! I think it came out really nicely. It really adds a lot of details to the frame. Gives it that metal look. Now I am saddened to have to put all the armor pieces on. Oh well. Wouldn't look right just having a frame standing there with a bunch of painted pieces all around.

Jun 12, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP 2

The weather held right up to when I was cleaning after applying the what paint. What awesome timing!!

Everything was prepped for the first two colors. Of course as it always works out; under the masking was a few spots I would have to back spray so they would have the right colors. I think that masking is the most time consuming part of the whole process.

Post paint now I just have to remember where all those pieces I pulled off and seperated according to the color they were to be painted go. Guess I will have to get the directions at some point. The colors came out really nicely if i do say so. Just have the detail painting to finish then some clear coat if the humidity ever breaks...probably not going to happen any time soon.

As you can see I went with a two tone orange/yellow orange scheme for the Ver. Ka I like orange and seeing a few other people's custom paint jobs made me ask why not. Excited to see the final product now. Its hard not to just rush and build it.

Jun 10, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju

Here I am all set to prime the pieces so I can get the detail work done. This is my first time priming before I scribe and add any plastic to the Gundam. Learned two valuable lessons: 1. bottled Mr. Surfacer is much cheaper than the can, and 2. it does not thin with alcohol like the paint I am using! It is lacquer based; that mistake almost cost me some air brush parts. I don't see a lot of difference in priming before or after, just that I will have to add some more primer and clean my air brush before I can paint it.

Below everything has been scribed, pla plate added , and washed; its ready for masking. I did very minimal work on this guy though. I did some scribing to deepen the panel lines that were already there and added a few in places I thought were too plane. The curved surface on the legs I left alone. I like them the way they are already. Halloween towels make the best drying surfaces BTW.

I will post a few pics after the first round of masking is done its going to be a slow process masking this guy then letting the paint cure so I don't get any residue marks. If any one knows a trick to keep that from happening other than time I welcome the advice.

Jun 9, 2010

Perfect Grade Strike

Just thought I would post up the PG Strike I did A while back. Nothing fancy on this one done by me. Built it and panel lined everything.

RMS-106 Hi-Zack initial build

Finished RMS-108 Hi-Zack Finished

I took a few decals from a Zaku I have left over. So I used those to add some flair.

Master Grades Continued

Finished MS-18 Kampfer Went a little more on the Purple end with this one. My daughter likes its a lot. She was willing to trade out the Justice Gundam I built her (the red one as she calls it) for this one.
I really like the green on this one, I added a little gold to it to give a metal look.

Master grades completed

Paint Ready MS-18E Kampfer. Very first time using Pla Tube. Added some spikes purely because I felt he needed more.

Finished MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, Did custom colors on this one, learned not to clear coat in 100% humidty. It blushed pretty badly.

Gundam Astray Blue fram 2nd revise. This is prior to me painting them. Gundam markers to panel line it and decals; that was a lot of work for my 3rd one.

Mobile Pod Ball Ver Ka. possibly one of my favorites. Really took my time building this one. I am looking forward to the new one coming out this month! Also trying to locate the shark mouth version.

RX-78-4 Gundam G04 Another early build a lot a fun with this one. I like all the details that were already built into this one.

A start.

Hello all, I am new to the world of Gundam, started when I was in Brunei and bored walking around the mall. Saw a hobby shop rolled in and saw these awesome looking models, and well the rest is where I am today. 4 months later and I am deeply engrossed with these guys. I am a snob at this time focusing on MG or better.

At this time I in the process of modifying (lightly mind you) a Ver Ka. Sinanju. Saw a modified one and decided I was not happy with my one I built when I first started. Hope I can help any one who wants to see what its like when some one first gets into this hobby and progresses. (hopefully)

Also new to blogging so we shall see how this all goes.

Until next time, have fun.