Jun 16, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP 4

Another productive night; at least in my opinion.

Started assembling the pieces so I can tackle the daunting task of the decals this guy. Kind of overwhelming at this point. Over 100 dry rub decals...there are some days I wouldn't mind stickers, but it will look great in the end. Here you can see the torso, waist, one of the thruster packs, and arms completed.

I painted the thrusters silver on the outside and copper on the inside to stick with the color scheme. Normally I like gold on the inside, but change can bring about good things. I still need to do the flat black in the centers, but paint must dry.
The dry brushing really brings out some of the details of the frame; more so that just panel lining. I went light on the panel lines in this guy also.

I still have to assemble the legs and then on to the decals that will be a slow process for sure. I will post the pics once it is all done.

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