Jun 26, 2010

A small gathering.

After finishing the Ver Ka Sinanju; I decided it was time to take an inventory of the Gundam I have stashed in the closet so the Wife won't remember exactly how many I have. 16 is the number...not as many as some I hope, I just can't help myself when I see one I have never seen before I have to take a look; heck its how I found the F91 and the Ver. Ka Victory(I checked only a small sheet of dry rubs this time. As you can tell I am a snob for MG...the only HG I have is the Kshatriya, and that one well if they ever make it in MG I will be getting that one also. Needless to say there are times for me when it is hard to decide what I want to do next. The PG Raiser I got for Father's day is there tempting me, but also intimidating me with the amount of work it will be. I want to improve my scribing techniques before I try that guy.

While accouting for my kits in waiting I thought it best to see what paints I have left since I bought another yellow and some clears today thinking I was out...little did I know I now own 5 clears; good thing paint doesn't go bad.

The decision is in for the next build: Shin Musha Gundam! Picked the water slides up today and verified I have all the paints I want for this one. I am looking at a scheme like this:
Armor: H33 Russet as the main color, detailed with H43 Wine Red, Black will be black, and I will be using H21 Off White to stay with the darker scheme of the model. The frame will be H38 Steel Red, the weapons will be wood. I am going to experiment with a dark wash on the wooden parts to make them look more realistic. I am not looking to do much in the way of custom colors on this one; I will scribe in panel lines and other details, but the paint scheme on this one is just fine with me. Of course after its done and I have the masking tape in hand there will be deviations there always is.

Finished the body, head, and some of the left arm last night. Initial build should be done soon then the planning stage. Its hard for me to plan where to detail until I see it built once.

That is all I have today have a great weekend!


  1. Hi what type of paint did you use and did you use a primer for it too?

  2. I did not prime this one, but I do use primer all the time now. I use Krylon primer. On this model I used Mr. Hobby Acrylics.