Jul 2, 2010

A small update and news.

Well School started so building time is diminished. That however has not killed my spirit to add to my world of Gundam. Got some work done on the Shin Musha legs I find it interesting that the frame is rather complicated, but after assembly has extremely limited movement in the ankle.
Oh well a lot of movement in the knee. This one is going to require a lot of dis assembly to paint though. I do not like the gold color it looks very cheap. That is what they make paint for though.

On another note. I decided that when I build a PG I will attempt to locate and build all the models of that one for comparison, and for the cool look the group will have once all assembled. I located a SD 00 Raiser, HG 0 Raiser, HG 00 Raiser, and an SD Strike so that will start the process.
I am normally not a fan of anything less then MG, for the size and detail they have, but change can be fun right.

I know not much for this one. Life is getting in the way. Hope every one that celebrates it has an awesome 4ht of July!!!


  1. You are a busy man. Hope u find sometime to finish your gunplas. Nice progress on your musha. I've been taken a longer break than expected, but I hope to begin building soon, before my trip to JP.

    Have a good ID4 too!

  2. You couldn't be more right about the gold, definitely needs a nice new coat of gold paint ^^.Haha my own gunpla stash can never seem to decrease in numbers lol. Happy fourth of July!