Jul 30, 2010

X-1 WIP 1

Sounds catchy I know. Good couple of days of assembly; finished the body and core fighter. Still figuring out exactly what I want to do paint wise. I am thinking about a 50/50 paint scheme. Splitting it down the center and doing one side black with silver and the other side white with gold. Then for the full cloth part; yet to be built. I am going to reverse the colors so the black is over the white and the white over the black parts. I am going to incorporate red into other parts as a detail color, something to break up the black and white. I am still debating if I want to do a black wash on the cloth part or not. Some decisions made some in the air.

I want to drill out the eyes of the skull in the chest and put in some pla-tube so it looks like machine guns. Debating about making a larger scar on the face though. I have not seen this particular gundam in action so I am just making it what I think it should be. Not like I haven't been doing that all along.
Core fighter is pretty cool on this guy. I need to paint the pilot so he isn't just a grey guy.

More to come soon. Have fun.

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