Jul 9, 2010

Side tracked

By some HG 0 Raiser fun! had some free time and a little bit of curiosity. I wanted to see what the HG 0Raiser looked like. So I jumped right in and did a snap fit for it.

I have no plans to modify the 0 nor the 00 since they are intended to match the PG very very closely. I like the Raiser, I have to be honest I have not seen enough Gundam to see it in action yet. I should YouTube that one. (Actually doing that now) I like to build Gundam using what I am given, but inputting my own likes and thoughts on what it should be. All this has done is excite me more to build the PG I have. The Shin Musha shoulder armor is complete now, and I need to get to work on planning out the rest of the details for that guy. Preplanning is not a strong suit of mine.

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