Jul 25, 2010

Sorry to dissapoint. It will be worth it though.

Well, its official. while I am motivated to build the PG 00 Raiser; I do not feel I have to required skills to a level where I am comfortable "experimenting" on a very expensive Gundam. I seriously doubt the wife would understand needing another one!

So I am going to do a customized version of the MG Cross bone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth. Still very early in the planning stages. I am thinking about a split paint scheme with red mixed in. DC23 has motivated me to do what I have been hesitant to try. I will do a little sawing. Something I was always bothered, by I mean why cover all those awesome frame details completely; beyond staying true to the Anime.

I am excited to continue to push my skills and improve on the ones I have started. No pics today. Doubt any one needs to see box art or parts sprues.

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