Jul 19, 2010

Shin Musha WIP 6

A short update, Masking and painting like a fool! Here you can see step one in masking the red. Just time consuming is all, but so important, I decided against priming because I am not changing the color and well I wanted the cheaters way to darken the colors up.

The gold pieces are all up and ready to go outside for paint. Eventually I will get a paint booth, but until then I am devoted to the sun being nice to me for the time I need to paint.

The new version of the gold is done, just a tiny bit of red added to give it a little more pop and go with the red theme of the Shin Musha.
Here is the completed red theme. I did my best to get the darker red to come out looking more like a wash than normal. I like it; it does not overwhelm the other colors, but adds to the over all look. IMHO any way.

I also like how the red tint to the gold made it blend in nicely, but still stick out enough to look nice. I still need to work on the black and white pieces. Then Panel line and decals. Clear coats will fall in there some where also.

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