Nov 15, 2010

Zaku Minelayer,

Well as I work on a The O a friend is leaving the island and has been following my builds closely. I thought his son might enjoy one of my Gundam for himself so I gifted one to him. My Zaku Minelayer. As such I thought it fitting to take some more photos as I only had 3 and post about this guy since I had not done so. I built this Gunpla well before I was a blogger and so there are no WIP photos or anything of the sort, but I felt this guy as one of my personal favorites, and as one of the VERY few that I have followed intended color schemes on it was deserving of a posting. With out further delay I give you Zaku Minelayer Ver. Tember.

Battle damage decals the only way to cheat. :)

Well there you have it Zaku Minelayer Ver Tember. I hope you enjoyed it. This guy is still one of my favorites. The details on him are just outstanding. Even with out scribing and all the other things that I do now.

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