Jul 10, 2011

Surprise RG Zaku completed!

Well I got tired of doing the pla-plate on the Dom, so I completed the snap fit on this guy. Once that was done I got the idea that my wife should choose the color scheme for this guy. I didn't do any extra detailing on the RG, they have a lot of details already, and honestly the 1/144 guys are just too small for me to work with. Respect to those of you that do a lot of modifications on the HGs, and other 1/144 scale Gundam. The decals on this thing must have been inspired by Ka! There are a ton of them!
Any way, here is the RG Zaku Ver Tem/wifey :) Its an interesting color scheme for sure. I didn't do a lot of posing with it because I intend to use it with the RG 78 and have it kicking that guy in the chest! So I am not going to risk chipping the paint.

The super glue I had to use on the eye decal hazed inside the head. I am not happy about that!

Mysteriously one of the decals on the back of the leg is missing, not sure how or when that happened?!? Oh well nothing can be done to fix that now.

My foot in your chest....ooh

The Dom is back in the get it done window now. Hope you like how the RG came out.

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