Jun 30, 2011

Rick Dom WIP 6 + some goodies!

A fun week for Gundam for sure! I got creative block this week on where to take the Rick Dom, and that being the case I grabbed the RG Zaku and started on it. I think this guy will be a straight build and paint. No crazy mods; you know something completely different from my norm. Here he is at about 90% complete.

I also received a shipment from the Gundam Guy! I love that guy. My PG Zeta came in the mail! After some complications in shipping all is well and it is here. Not sure when I will start it, but knowing me and my love of PG's next sounds good.

And here are the WIP pics for what I have done this week. Pla-Plate! and a lot of it. I am working a lot on my symmetry and placement of larger pieces. Its a challenge I am having to do a lot of looking around the Internet for to get ideas on how other great modelers are doing this. I am trying to give this Dom a look as though its been modified for long range space patrols so added thrusters, lightening the armor where it can be and reinforcing it at the vital points. I think I am meeting that goal. At least in my opinion. There is a little clean up to do, but I will prime it and see what sanding is left to do.

Enjoy the pictures, thanks for stopping by.

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