Jun 24, 2011

Rick Dom WIP 5

First Congrats to Gundam Guy!!!!! on a healthy baby boy! The world can always use more Gundam/pla lovers!
A while back (a serious while) some one asked me for a tutorial on Miliput, I have not had to use it until this guy, so I haven't been able to meet the request. I can only hope you are still reading my blog. :)
Miliput, is a 2 part putty the can be molded like clay. First step is to cut equal parts of the putties.
Next you knead the two parts together until there are no visible streaks of differing colors, just one uniform color.
Take the appropriate amount in this case a very small amount and roll it into a worm, then lightly work it around or onto what ever it is you are using it for. In the case below I am covering some blemishes, and giving a heavy weld look to the bracing bars for the fuel tanks. I use picks and chisels to get the initial shape, after that I lightly rub it to get rid of the marks. Let it set for about an hour and give it another rub down to perfect the shape even more.

Below you can see I used it as a detail ring on the booster extensions.

That's it, its really easy stuff to work with, just takes a little practice.
Below is the WIP portion, I actually got a lot of work done this week and found a use for a NG kit I had, kit bashing! The extensions are in place with little directional boosters for added flight control.

To give more reason to a huge sword coming out of its head, here is the CDSW (Close Defense Striker Weapon) IE Big sword coming out of the Rick Doms arm.

Kit bashing is fun, I haven't done it since The O build, so this time I am pushing my skill sets for sure with it. Adding a D.R.A.G.O.O.N. system to the Rick Dom giving a long range component to it. First I had to cut the shoulder pieces to fit onto the existing really boring shoulders!

Glue it in place and let that dry.

Then I made some miliput, and started cleaning up and bulking up the shoulder to hold the extra weight.

Here is the snap fitted D.R.A.G.O.O.N. system ready for some detailing and pla plates...just the plating alone is probably going to take 2 weeks!

Got the fuel tanks added to the back skirt also, so now this guy is fueled and ready for flight.

Other sections of the D.R.A.G.O.O.N system will be added around the body. Like I said this is a build for me, I am going all out custom on this guy working on my SB skills and kit bashing for fun. I don't see a need to build something simple this time.

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  1. Interesting array of modifications you got there for the Dom XD