Jun 13, 2011

Rick Dom WIP 3

A small update, but a good one. Started working on the head. The new Gundam Store I found had some nice after market pieces in it. Oh and a Perfect Gundam. How can you pass up the Perfect Gundam? Anyway...
I chopped up a sword and drilled some holes in the head, then stuck her in there reverse sword in the stone style. I then took pieces of the hilt and modified them to fit around it. Here you can see the sword in place.

And below you can see the non-cleaned up version. (there is residue left over from the glue, but a little sanding and primer will cover that right up.) This one of the larger head mods I have done, not done by any means, but I wanted to work on something other than the legs for a little while.

With the mods rolling, I had to extend the rear underskirt thrusters because of some other things I am doing, so a $1.00 pack of pens and a saw took care of those extensions. glue is still setting in the photos.

Thats all I have for now, hope you like it.

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