Jun 9, 2011

Rick Dom WIP 2

The legs, well the large parts of the legs are done. This is not going to be a fast build for me at all. I am going to be changing a lot of things on this Rick Dom. In finished news, I completed the red under armor pieces, and the outer armor. I also got the feet cut, and backing placed. Now I just need to get my extra pieces and put in some mechanical looking bits. Not too hard, but a first for me. I tend to think things are easier than they end up being. I did find out about a new Gundam Shop, and I am dying to get and see what I can get from there to add to my ridiculous back log. Speaking of back log, I located a Turn A Gundam!!!! The guy that was about to pick it up was shocked when I grabbed it and tossed it in the cart ( I recognized it and didn't need to think about it) So that is now in the back log.

You have already seen the purple pieces, but here all 4 are finished and cleaned up.

Here is the red underskirt loosely attached. Both of them broke while I was cutting away plastic. So I used ProWeld and super glue to make that problem go away.

And here is the underskirt and the outer armor together. I am going to add some screen to the out armor so its not such a clear shot in there, but leaves all the boosters open to be seen.

Here are the feet with Pla Plate in place and drying.

That is the update for now. Small I know, but cutting all those pieces is slow tedious work. I did not want to ruin one. Thanks for stopping by.

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