Sep 20, 2011

MG Strike Freedom, Char's Return!!!

Presenting the MG Strike Freedom Ver. Tem. Char's return! This was a really fun build, and I know I said it before, but I love this blue! It really keeps the Seed series feel while in my opinion not taking away from the red scheme of things. I kept the gold frame and used a black enamel wash to bring out all the details of it. Most of the decals are subtle due to the gold not being a strong color against the red, but I like it gives it a bit of subtlety in an otherwise strong color scheme.

As you can see I managed to lose the darn face mask. Kind of like the look without it honestly. But I did order a replacement that I will paint and stick on there.

Close up shot of the frame w/ enamel wash.

I love the little box I added to cover the wires coming out of the side really cleaned all that up. I just couldn't see adding all the power in the thrusters and not needing some sort of field modification to add fuel and power.
I even tried my hand at of all things painting by hand the clear blue came out all right, I think if it was a lacquer or enamel based paint it might have come out a little cleaner. Oh well. Live and learn. I am no Kamm after all.

There you have it. The MG Strike Freedom Ver. Tem. I had a lot of fun building this one, and think I met my goal of not falling in with the crowd of SF's that have been out there in the past. Red is a fun color, but honestly a challenging one to work with as a major color on the Gundam. Well on to my next build the RGM-79(G) GM Sniper. Going with a military look on this one and in honor of the upcoming fall (my favorite season) I will be using a fall color scheme. Hope you like what you see and thank you for looking! Tember.

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