Sep 12, 2011

MG Strike Freedom WIP 5

Small update from big work. Airbrushing is done! now touch up and details. I like the mix of colors I went with. The blue has made the list of colors I will be using as a primary on another gundam. As you can see below, I have started the duanting task of masking these things. Went with the use a brush to touch it up idea after that because the gaps are too small to fit tape! And its too humid here for the silly putty trick. Even after 10-15 minutes the putty starts to loose its shape. The photos are below I will let them do some talking.

The reds for the body, being me I had to use more than one shade. :)
And the Wings from the back pack as a sneak preview. There is not a lot of blue on this guy, but I wanted to break up the reds with something that popped and this blue was the answer. I love this color!
Any way Hope you like it.

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