Mar 25, 2012

Sharing A Fellow Blogger's words, Not mine, but still true!

I Came across this particular blog post from a fellow modeler/blogger. And I thought it necessary to share his words as those words are just too perfect. I do not take credit for his words, All the credit go to the original author which you can access to his blog here -

This is in response to 'Date a Girl Who Travels' (in which I totally agree with the notion but anyway):

Date a guy who builds model kits. Date a guy that would rather spend his money on some plastic rather than one that spends his money on vices. This guy would rather spend on an object of art rather than what he can consume in an instant.

Date a guy who builds model kits. He would rather spend time at home to get on his masterpiece rather than what society places as 'macho'. Or go this friends to go build some more rather than just drink the day away. He is not afraid to pick up that sable or airbrush and be called a lot of names for the sake of his hobby. He is not afraid to scour every hobby, hardware and craft store with you if it means that he would find that material he is looking for his kit. He is not afraid to discuss how color theory works or how you would think his latest kit would look like in your eyes.

Date a guy who builds model kits. He is the kind that is not good at his hobby but in other practical things as well. He could tell you what adhesive would be best for what material. He could easily lend you a hand at fixing your leaking faucet, all because he has an innate understanding of its mechanics. He's reliable in do-it-yourself stuff and will impress you on what he can do.

Date a guy who builds model kits. He's the one that you can talk to about aesthetics. When he says you are beautiful, he means it and that is because of your good taste in color combinations. When he says that what you are wearing is fine, believe him as he finds it well chosen and coordinated.

Date a guy who builds model kits. Do not antagonize his hobby. Encourage him and talk to him about him as this would actually be better. Be with him as he builds and paints and before you know it you'll be doing the same too. He'll be with you and his works of art, for he'll never go anywhere else.Find a guy who builds model kits. When you do, love him and marry him and for sure, you will never be the same.

Again, I take no credit to those words. All credits go to the original author. Here is the link to his blog -
Thank you Ryan Toledo for writing these words.

Mar 12, 2012

My First WH40K Figures.

After buying a set of 4x magnification reading glasses so I could paint all the details on these little guys...I am now finished with my first 5 figures. Playing with the washes I made and the ones I bought was fun for sure, and I can see transferring the wash technique over to Gundam but of course in an insanely larger way. I like it more than weathering with powders. It still has that clean look I prefer, but gives it a lot of detail and fills in some spots that wouldn't look right with a panel line wash, but would need something to give that detail some pop.

The basics of it. 3 coats black, acrylic pearl, acrylic silver, armor wash, flesh wash, 2 coats red wash, metallic blue acrylic.

I did add some blue to the tip of the weapons to make it look like metal would after being heated and cooled from repeated use.

I didn't make the above bases, but I like how the off-white, and flesh wash really added a lot of detail. The below bases on the other hand I did make. Just some elmers glue, with coral sand, Then I painted some green on there to give it a grassy look.

I used a Gundam marker to add the writings too the parchment on the armor of a few of them.

Well there you have it Warhammer 40k Ver Tem. My first, but not my last for sure.
Thanks for looking, (:

Mar 9, 2012

Sorry.....its been a while....

Well I have to say sorry to my readers for taking a long time to update things here. I have been in a Skyrim induced slump for building.

I have completed the rough build and paint on the Zaku.

I am still working on my RX-78 (stuck decaling I just can't seem to get into it).

My resin Booster Gundam is soaking in clean water tonight to make sure there is no soap residue left on it and will be drying tomorrow. I tried to soak the pieces for 3 hours then use a tooth brush and clean them, but the primer just bubbled, and would not stick at all. So I decided to douse the pieces in dish washing liquid and water for a week. So as of now they have been rinsed and are soaking again to be dried tomorrow.

Onto my current work; thanks to DC23 I got the idea that making Warhammer 40k figures would be something that would improve my painting and give me a break from Gundam after 2 years of building straight I needed to breaking things up and rebuild my mojo for Gundam. I am working on a squad of Blood Angels Death Company figures.

The assembly is really straight forward: :stupid: cut the pieces, clean them, super glue them (I use the gel kind with the liquid as a filler), prime, and now working on the washes and paint. The painting is where I am going to spend hours working with my old man magnifying glasses on. But enough talk....if you are even still reading. Pictures.

All work the pictures are post their first coat of black wash. I did get some custom bases from looking around the Internet.

You get to chose what shoulders and weapons you use, there are extras in the kit, so this is the Ver. Tem of the Blood Company Death Company.

My work station, these guys are tiny compared to anything I have ever worked on! Its going to be a huge challenge.
Thank you for looking. C/C are always welcome.