Mar 12, 2012

My First WH40K Figures.

After buying a set of 4x magnification reading glasses so I could paint all the details on these little guys...I am now finished with my first 5 figures. Playing with the washes I made and the ones I bought was fun for sure, and I can see transferring the wash technique over to Gundam but of course in an insanely larger way. I like it more than weathering with powders. It still has that clean look I prefer, but gives it a lot of detail and fills in some spots that wouldn't look right with a panel line wash, but would need something to give that detail some pop.

The basics of it. 3 coats black, acrylic pearl, acrylic silver, armor wash, flesh wash, 2 coats red wash, metallic blue acrylic.

I did add some blue to the tip of the weapons to make it look like metal would after being heated and cooled from repeated use.

I didn't make the above bases, but I like how the off-white, and flesh wash really added a lot of detail. The below bases on the other hand I did make. Just some elmers glue, with coral sand, Then I painted some green on there to give it a grassy look.

I used a Gundam marker to add the writings too the parchment on the armor of a few of them.

Well there you have it Warhammer 40k Ver Tem. My first, but not my last for sure.
Thanks for looking, (:


  1. Very Cool painting. I thought your color choice was interesting..

  2. Thanks, honestly for these guys I am following the intended colors for the most part. I am trying to add the needed flair where I can though.