Mar 9, 2012

Sorry.....its been a while....

Well I have to say sorry to my readers for taking a long time to update things here. I have been in a Skyrim induced slump for building.

I have completed the rough build and paint on the Zaku.

I am still working on my RX-78 (stuck decaling I just can't seem to get into it).

My resin Booster Gundam is soaking in clean water tonight to make sure there is no soap residue left on it and will be drying tomorrow. I tried to soak the pieces for 3 hours then use a tooth brush and clean them, but the primer just bubbled, and would not stick at all. So I decided to douse the pieces in dish washing liquid and water for a week. So as of now they have been rinsed and are soaking again to be dried tomorrow.

Onto my current work; thanks to DC23 I got the idea that making Warhammer 40k figures would be something that would improve my painting and give me a break from Gundam after 2 years of building straight I needed to breaking things up and rebuild my mojo for Gundam. I am working on a squad of Blood Angels Death Company figures.

The assembly is really straight forward: :stupid: cut the pieces, clean them, super glue them (I use the gel kind with the liquid as a filler), prime, and now working on the washes and paint. The painting is where I am going to spend hours working with my old man magnifying glasses on. But enough talk....if you are even still reading. Pictures.

All work the pictures are post their first coat of black wash. I did get some custom bases from looking around the Internet.

You get to chose what shoulders and weapons you use, there are extras in the kit, so this is the Ver. Tem of the Blood Company Death Company.

My work station, these guys are tiny compared to anything I have ever worked on! Its going to be a huge challenge.
Thank you for looking. C/C are always welcome.


  1. NICE!
    great to see more peopl working on minis :D

  2. DUDE!....I am sooooo in the same boat..hella small for my old eyeballs to fathom upon..LOL.

    Check out my sidebar for other mini blogs, might be some useful tips for ya in some of them.

    Looking forward to what ya pull off bro.

  3. I guess we all got addicted heheheh,I am working on a Tyranid myself at the moment. Love how your Space Marines are looking so far, very cool.

  4. @ Aulon, yeah they are fun and seeing all the other builds out there, it seemed a nice break from my daunting resin kit right now.
    @Kriz, I'm telling you man I could not paint these things with out my 4x glasses to see all the little details. I will have to roll over to your blog and read up on it some more.
    @ Decay, you are one of the reasons I have started these guys. I am watching your builds closely. Same as the two guys above you.