Feb 28, 2013

F6F Hellcat WIP 2...Progress is slow

A long over due update...progress on this build is slow mostly due to the pace of life right now. Its a pretty straight forward build. I really have to control my urges to just paint things how I want too at times though. I remind myself that this is a gift and I move on. I have the cockpit, and the engine mostly done, with the interior green color done along with the internal electronics that no one will ever see once I glue the two halves together. Kind of silly really, but I have the pictures to prove I put them in. Below is a photo of my painting area with my home made spray booth.

The fit on the parts is really nice and tight. At times a little too tight. Nothing plasti-weld cant fix though.
This is where I am at at this point. Sorry I am not taking as many photos as I normally do. This is some uncharted territory for me and well I forget to snap a few pics as I move along.

Got it all rigged up with a rubber band to keep things lined up nicely. Not a lot of color, but it is after all a WWII fighter.

Here are those "this will be the only time you see them" electronics. Nothing too interesting, but they are there.
I will have to get more done this weekend.
As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.

Feb 2, 2013

Change up....big time!

Well, the weather is cold here....as I tried to paint the second color on the Drekky, that all failed as the paint would not mix properly due to the cold in my garage....oh well. Then as it starts to warm up I find out my Wife's Grandfather is turning 90 at the end of March. He was a fighter pilot in WWII, so I thought I would build him the A/C he flew in the war (mind you I thought I had until the end of April so I was going to finish the Drekky) So between classes, work, and a looming birthday deadline I am going to build my first complete non-snapfit model. It will be an adventure to say the least I will have to carefully plan out my painting stages, and there will be zero liberties taken on colors. That last part being why I started Gundam in the first place. I like to do the colors I want not the ones I am supposed to do.  Here is what I am starting with....

What the heck do you do with a photo etched part....this is going to be fun to say the least.

Thank you for stopping by. I will get some updates going soon. Now that the weather is getting a little better. T.G.