Feb 28, 2013

F6F Hellcat WIP 2...Progress is slow

A long over due update...progress on this build is slow mostly due to the pace of life right now. Its a pretty straight forward build. I really have to control my urges to just paint things how I want too at times though. I remind myself that this is a gift and I move on. I have the cockpit, and the engine mostly done, with the interior green color done along with the internal electronics that no one will ever see once I glue the two halves together. Kind of silly really, but I have the pictures to prove I put them in. Below is a photo of my painting area with my home made spray booth.

The fit on the parts is really nice and tight. At times a little too tight. Nothing plasti-weld cant fix though.
This is where I am at at this point. Sorry I am not taking as many photos as I normally do. This is some uncharted territory for me and well I forget to snap a few pics as I move along.

Got it all rigged up with a rubber band to keep things lined up nicely. Not a lot of color, but it is after all a WWII fighter.

Here are those "this will be the only time you see them" electronics. Nothing too interesting, but they are there.
I will have to get more done this weekend.
As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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