Mar 20, 2013

F6F Hellcat WIP 3...


My Goodness work has been brutal, math finals are a ton of fun....but I digress.

I have managed to get a lot of work done on the Hellcat, and thats a good thing because I am due to give it away for a gift on this sunday. Exciting and pressure filled for sure. Too the pictures.

Here you can see how I managed to use proweld and spring clips to get things to line up nicely.
You can see where I have painted the wheel well it'll need to be masked later. 
I have the main fuselage masked here, ready for primer to find any imperfections in the center seam...there were a lot of them, nothing putty couldn't fix. 

The engine is complete here...exhaust lines all setup now. 

The machine guns...details that will be lost in a minute. 
Gone! But you and I know that they are in there. 

Primed on the left, painted on the right. The paint is so dark I decided not do any preshading, as it would have been lost in the main color. The color scheme is from a squadron of the VFN-52 Night Fighters, their paint scheme was a solid very dark blue.
That is the update at this point. Thank you for taking a look. T.G.

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