Apr 21, 2011

10,000 hits!!!!!!

How cool is that took almost a year so I won't figure out the average. Thank you to all my followers and visitors. I hope that my next year of Gunpla is just as fruitful! I thought the Power Puff Girls were appropriate seeing as to how my girls watch them every single morning no matter how many times they have seen the episode (thank god for reruns)

In Gunpla related news:

I am working on completing the priming and painting the PG Astray this weekend. And I have Secretly (IE to lazy to take photos) have been working on the Sword Impulse. It is coming along nicely. Pla-plate almost done. I am going to need to get that paint purchased ASAP.

Again thank you to all my followers and visitors!

Keep building.

Apr 10, 2011

PG Astray WIP 3

Progress is moving along rather quickly on this guy for some reason. Most likely due to a huge lack of scribing needed on this Gundam. The scribing is finished, Pla-Plating is going along smoothly, yes I said Pla-Plate I am actually doing it this time. I have also finished drilling all the holes for the metal parts that will be added post paint. So if you think there are sections that aren't cleaned up its probably due to that. The Beam Rifle had some really nice details under the guard so I cut that away, this is a picture of it roughed so I could compare before filling and cutting. Kind of funny putting in work on something that will most likely just be placed on the rear skirt and stay there. Oh well details, its all about the details. Thrusters were added, they actually worked out really well in those places when the leg is fully bent, but that is for a later picture. Here you see the knee guards in process, the holes have been drilled and some of the plastic cut away on the sides, just need to scribe out the final lines.
Same thing here a before and after as I worked to finish the legs. I almost always scribe and cut on a leg first once I am done building, but after that I do not do the other leg until after I am done with almost all the other parts. Not sure why other than symmetry and measuring are a pain in the butt!
Center piece of the rear skirt after thrusters, pla-plate, and wire were added.
The front of the waist plate done, the holes as mentioned before will have metal tube placed in them to give it more detail. As usual with my builds I prefer show room clean builds vs weathered ones.
The back pack with pla-plate done, I cut away the plastic that went in the area of the thrusters, so I could place larger metal thrusters(obviously not seen here).
Because they are seen here :) Wire, pla-plate, and scribing done.
Same for the chest, all the cut aways, pla-plate, and scribing done.
Another view of the chest.
With the lighter paint scheme that will be used the added plate will add a lot of detail. I am about 80% done with pla-plating now. I intend to be priming by next weekend. So I need to get to sanding and all the pre-priming work.

Until then, keep building!