Mar 27, 2011

PG Astray Snap fit complete

Title says it all for this one, just completed the snap fit and took some quick pictures. Now to begin the daunting task of scribing and plating this guy. Should be fun.

Until next time keep building!

Mar 25, 2011

PG Astray WIP 2

Here it is another cloudy day in Okinawa, a wonderful day for Gunpla! I have been working hard on the Astray, I have issues calling it the Red Astray as I have no intention on leaving it red at all.
A few things I have noticed so far is that there are pieces that will need to be glued in place after paint! That is rather disappointing being this is a Perfect Grade Gundam. Not that glueing is a huge challenge, but I need to ensure that this guy gets to the non-gundam building customer in one piece with no issues.
The other odd thing is the order of the build, I can jump around but I find it easier to just go in order so that I dont lose things. Build the legs, waist, chest, head, --> gun, sword, shield. Not sure why they did that, but an armless Gundam with that awesome sword...just sad.

I am taking a different approach with the eyes on this one, I know there is an LED in there, but I figured with the colors I chose and the fact that I seriously doubt the head will ever be disassembled to get a battery in there. I went with white eyes. I like them, they stand out more.

The other thing that has me wondering is why would the pieces in between the backpack and the chest be faced up like that. I am thinking about flipping them and adding thrusters instead.

The shield and gun were standard, there are some cool hidden details that I will cut the cover to expose, although I think this guy will never be displayed with the gun and shield. If I built based on what you saw though I wouldn't have to do 3/4 of the things I do already.

The sword has given me other things to figure out though;

How do you fix nub marks on chromed pieces? as you can see here knife, and file didn't leave me any choice but to sand later on and paint it. I do not want to do that on the actual sword though. the marks are a lot smaller but still there. Very frustrating to say the least.
That is the build to date I should have the snap fit done this weekend and start on that scribing and plating pretty soon. There isn't a lot of room or need for scribing on this guy; that is a rare thing for me to think I know, but the details are really nice already. Until next time keep building.

Mar 19, 2011

MK-1 Evie, PG Astray, and RG RX-78

Introducing RG MK1 Evie, She ha arrived so life as it was is now a little more so. What ever that is supposed to mean. I somehow convinced my wife to let me put some 1/100 guys on her belly before the baby was born, you can see how to scale it all is.

On the Gundam related part, I have been tantalized by the RG's so I picked some up, as you can see my 2 year old thought the RX-78 looked delicious! I have also been continuing work on the PG Red frame Astray.
work is slow, still looking for where I can put my own Ver Tem, modifications on it.

I did manage to get my paints purchased, my Brother-in-Law chose the color scheme, and seeing how I am building it for him, I am going to go with his choices, but do it in my way. :) The orange is the challenge right now, it wont match the green frame very well so I am going to have to find places to sneak it in.

And the RG, well the foot at least. I just got my bases and decals from Gundam Guy, so once this one and the Zaku are done I will be putting them together in a dio as far as I make dios, not much for all that yet, I don't really have the work space for it. I did learn that the leg joint is insanely fragile!!!! :( and it is now snapped on the inside I can still build, but now how to wait for a replacement leg frame. I guess that is what I get for working with 1/100 all the time, the move to 1/144 is a challenge for me to say the least. Its so small there isn't much room to scribe out complex lines. Oh well the RG has a lot of details luckily so no real worries there.

That's all I have for now. Take care be safe and please please keep those that in Japan dealing with the earth quake and all its related tragedies in your thoughts!!

Mar 6, 2011

Introducing the PG 00 Raiser Ver Tem.

After almost 4 months of planning, cutting, scribing, painting (with masking in there too), and decals I give the PG 00 Raiser Ver Tem. This thing is huge!!! I absolutely loved building this Gundam and barring a major price drop would build it again. So many details and pieces, so much to think about and the overall size when you attach the Raiser it just insane, and yet so awesome.

The Raiser is below, I didn't build the weapons as they were not used in the Anime and I love this particular series so I didn't want to stray too far from the original idea.

I did how ever interject some details that I thought important, like the yellow at the weapons points.

A little blue on the belly for added details.

And why not add an extra Celestial Being symbol?

Or two, it is a Ver Tem after all and I like extra details.

I know no pilot, I almost never paint the people. Just lazy I guess.

Now the Double 0 Gundam:

I did the hands in a little bit more Astray style, color, I thought it complimented the colorful scheme.

Extra decals on the shoulders so you know who's coming at you.

Cut away sections of the red on the body to expose more frame the same was done on the legs.

Those little details that people not actually looking at it will most likely never see, I used blue on the back of the head. Thought it fitting.

The legs needed some blue also. So I scribed a spot and went with it. Honestly I plan the colors but not the where or how until I am actually masking the parts off.

Another cut away, and the Mecha Skunk Thrusters!

Not the best crop job, but I didn't want to cut the picture up. I need a photo studio I guess.

There you have the OO Raiser Ver Tem. The PG Red Astray is next as its a gift, and being done in the Honor of a friend who built it and in doing so made me think of it again when my Brother-in-law asked what one I thought he would like. Hope you enjoy the pictures!