Mar 19, 2011

MK-1 Evie, PG Astray, and RG RX-78

Introducing RG MK1 Evie, She ha arrived so life as it was is now a little more so. What ever that is supposed to mean. I somehow convinced my wife to let me put some 1/100 guys on her belly before the baby was born, you can see how to scale it all is.

On the Gundam related part, I have been tantalized by the RG's so I picked some up, as you can see my 2 year old thought the RX-78 looked delicious! I have also been continuing work on the PG Red frame Astray.
work is slow, still looking for where I can put my own Ver Tem, modifications on it.

I did manage to get my paints purchased, my Brother-in-Law chose the color scheme, and seeing how I am building it for him, I am going to go with his choices, but do it in my way. :) The orange is the challenge right now, it wont match the green frame very well so I am going to have to find places to sneak it in.

And the RG, well the foot at least. I just got my bases and decals from Gundam Guy, so once this one and the Zaku are done I will be putting them together in a dio as far as I make dios, not much for all that yet, I don't really have the work space for it. I did learn that the leg joint is insanely fragile!!!! :( and it is now snapped on the inside I can still build, but now how to wait for a replacement leg frame. I guess that is what I get for working with 1/100 all the time, the move to 1/144 is a challenge for me to say the least. Its so small there isn't much room to scribe out complex lines. Oh well the RG has a lot of details luckily so no real worries there.

That's all I have for now. Take care be safe and please please keep those that in Japan dealing with the earth quake and all its related tragedies in your thoughts!!

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