Oct 28, 2011

MG Pro Ball WIP 6

Painting, how I love to paint! I only actually got to paint one of these guys, but I love the metal look finish. and I am really hopeful that a nice flat coat will cover most of the plastics imperfections. Any way here is a sneak peak into the 3 RB79s. I will be finishing the assembly, and starting on the decals as soon as I can. The plan is to the beat the heck out of the Ver Ka I had and get her all weathered up and ready for a crash landing on my dio. Enough talk though!
I like that you can still see some of the red base coat I think it gives the gray a little extra shading. Not so shall we say gray....
The Mr. Metal Iron color worked nicely on the one on the far right. I would say its a pretty good match for the pro shop color scheme.
On another exciting note!

Is almost here, I have started the planning and purchasing. I have also found an amazing team to join!
The Ghost Squad!!!! I will be making the Sniper for the group. So needless to say I am going to have to modify a Zaku pretty heavily to make a decent sniper.

Hey what do you know. A sniper rifle setup. Nice And it shipped today. I cant wait to get this guy and see what needs to be done to make it work.

I also ordered the boosters to pimp this guy up as much as possible. I am thinking about a night scheme with some real dark blues and purples, but that is the flavor of the moment. As I can not start the build until December 1st I have plenty of time.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you like what you see.

Oct 26, 2011

MG Pro Shop Ball WIP 5

All right painting has began, and really is pretty close to done air brush wise. I have a lot of detail painting to get done though. Tried my hand at a few new techniques though. On the support vehicle I primed then sprayed flat black on all the edges, after that I painted the white over it giving it a more weathered look. I will still use weathering dust to make it look more used though.

Can you see the spot I neglected to paint....yeah going to have to fix that.

Here is the next technique I used. On the light color frame I sprayed it with a color very close to the darker portion, then used a mixture of silver and yellow to create a lighter color by spraying over it very lightly and at a greater distance than you normally would paint. I really like the contrast.
The stainless steel boosters stick out pretty nicely as well. Not too much, but just enough to be different.

The Dio part 2 is still drying the putty is taking forever, but it is very slowly drying maybe in a week I will be able to sand it....Sigh. Hope you like what you see, thank you for stopping by.

Oct 23, 2011

MG Pro Shop ball WIP 4

What a week, finished or at least I thought I finished the base for my dio...then I went to check on how well it was drying and this is what I saw! Cracks all over. After much debate I decided to redo the entire base. So luckily clay cleans up nicely so a putty knife and some water and about 20 minutes all was cleaned up.

I did manage to get the base coat done, as you can see I went with red. Should add a little bit of detail the few pieces I have to paint.
Here is my newly started base. I went with pla-plate for the base and made a small building. Not sure if the building will stay or not. But this is now primed and I have some clean up to do.
On an amazingly cool note, Mr. Metal Color is freaking awesome, on the right you can see the painted color nothing to great, with a little buffing you get a really nice metal color and shine! How cool is that. Its airbrush ready, the only draw back is it does not go very far as its already thinned. But the results are worth it!
That's what I have done so far. Thanks for stopping by.

Oct 17, 2011

Pro Ball WIP 3

A small update, the layout for the dio has been roughed. Got the extra pieces snap fitted today. Not sure yet if I am going to leave the back end down or set it up. I am thinking about putting the ball on the back lift and exposing some of the damage. Damaging a gundam is not something I have done before so this should be interesting.

Here it is with the lift up. Like I said not 100% on which way I am going to go. I need to add some details to the carrier and lay the clay I am going to use as the base for the dio. Leveling that should be a painfully time consuming process, but I cant think of a better way to do it and have everything stay where I want it.

Like I said, just a small update. Thank you for stopping by.

Oct 15, 2011

Pro Ball WIP 2

The work is coming along smoothly, I have completed 2 of the 3 builds, I am at 90% on the 3rd one at this point. Got the other 2 broken down for paint and final details. I think I have all the things required to start my diorama! I just need to get the pieces that are going to be held in place by the clay done so I can form up the entire thing. It's probably going to be a slow process for me, as I have never done it before. Learning is fun though.

Got the minions for the dio also, they are going to need a lot of painting. I ordered a new brush that will be small enough to ensure I can paint the details on them nicely; or at least I won't be able to blame the brush for any of my mistakes.

That's where I am at this point, thank you for stopping by.

Oct 5, 2011

RGM-79(G) delayed due to awesome arriving!!!

It finally came! lets open this box up and see what I got!

BAM! Pro Shop RB-79 Ball needless to say waiting a year for it to be found by none other than Gundam Guy I am not waiting any longer to build it.
Wait what there are 2 "A" sheets, that would mean in theory I can build 2 factory color RB-79's; as I just so happen to have a spare Ver Ka Ball laying around. That is what is going to happen here.
I plan on using almost no paint at all. I will not be painting the armor shells as that is the reason I wanted this guy was the special color armor. The frame looks to be the same colors as the Ver Ka so I will be painting them and adding details color wise. I am mixing parts in from the Ver Ka so I have enough pieces to build 2. With that said there are some armor pieces I will have to paint. Current plan is to paint them the same color as the frame. I will be flat color coating this so I need to gloss coat first and panel line it.
Frame 1 complete. Below you can see how the Ver Ka pieces aren't a perfect match to obviously so paint will fix that. I am experimenting with the orange parts too. Kind of like how they break up the colors.

I am excited to build these and get the dio done! Hope you like them.

Oct 3, 2011

MG RGM-79(G) Sniper WIP 1

As you can see I completed the snap fit the other day, and have finally gotten off my butt to update the blog here. I have some pretty cool plans for this guys paint scheme. Mostly that I will be testing my abilities. Mainly this guy in honor of the fall season (my favorite season) will use a fall camouflage pattern. The final details of the pattern design are not set, but the colors have been chosen. I wanted this guy for a while, mostly due to the bad ass sniper rifle that needs an extra power supply just to work. Enough of me, here are the pics.

Oh it comes with a sweet missile launcher as well. Couldn't leave that thing out.

Another first, this will be my first, albeit small diorama. Got a frame to use as a base, and some clay to make the ground and such with. Should be a true learning experience.

In other exciting news, Mecha ARTS Community Forums, (one I am on regularly) is hosting a group build. And needless to say I am in! even got my name mentioned along with some extremely talented artists, how could I say no?!? http://www.dc23mecharts.com/2011/10/zaku-gb-at-mac-forums-is-heating-up.html?utm_source=BP_recent So needless to say I am going Perfect Grade on my first group build!!!! Just need to find one now.

I haven't started planning this guy yet, but needless to say I am going to go big! metal option parts and the whole thing! Going to be a lot of fun with my fellow MAC members! Thank you for looking. I will do my best to update more often.