Oct 23, 2011

MG Pro Shop ball WIP 4

What a week, finished or at least I thought I finished the base for my dio...then I went to check on how well it was drying and this is what I saw! Cracks all over. After much debate I decided to redo the entire base. So luckily clay cleans up nicely so a putty knife and some water and about 20 minutes all was cleaned up.

I did manage to get the base coat done, as you can see I went with red. Should add a little bit of detail the few pieces I have to paint.
Here is my newly started base. I went with pla-plate for the base and made a small building. Not sure if the building will stay or not. But this is now primed and I have some clean up to do.
On an amazingly cool note, Mr. Metal Color is freaking awesome, on the right you can see the painted color nothing to great, with a little buffing you get a really nice metal color and shine! How cool is that. Its airbrush ready, the only draw back is it does not go very far as its already thinned. But the results are worth it!
That's what I have done so far. Thanks for stopping by.

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