Oct 5, 2011

RGM-79(G) delayed due to awesome arriving!!!

It finally came! lets open this box up and see what I got!

BAM! Pro Shop RB-79 Ball needless to say waiting a year for it to be found by none other than Gundam Guy I am not waiting any longer to build it.
Wait what there are 2 "A" sheets, that would mean in theory I can build 2 factory color RB-79's; as I just so happen to have a spare Ver Ka Ball laying around. That is what is going to happen here.
I plan on using almost no paint at all. I will not be painting the armor shells as that is the reason I wanted this guy was the special color armor. The frame looks to be the same colors as the Ver Ka so I will be painting them and adding details color wise. I am mixing parts in from the Ver Ka so I have enough pieces to build 2. With that said there are some armor pieces I will have to paint. Current plan is to paint them the same color as the frame. I will be flat color coating this so I need to gloss coat first and panel line it.
Frame 1 complete. Below you can see how the Ver Ka pieces aren't a perfect match to obviously so paint will fix that. I am experimenting with the orange parts too. Kind of like how they break up the colors.

I am excited to build these and get the dio done! Hope you like them.

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