Oct 26, 2011

MG Pro Shop Ball WIP 5

All right painting has began, and really is pretty close to done air brush wise. I have a lot of detail painting to get done though. Tried my hand at a few new techniques though. On the support vehicle I primed then sprayed flat black on all the edges, after that I painted the white over it giving it a more weathered look. I will still use weathering dust to make it look more used though.

Can you see the spot I neglected to paint....yeah going to have to fix that.

Here is the next technique I used. On the light color frame I sprayed it with a color very close to the darker portion, then used a mixture of silver and yellow to create a lighter color by spraying over it very lightly and at a greater distance than you normally would paint. I really like the contrast.
The stainless steel boosters stick out pretty nicely as well. Not too much, but just enough to be different.

The Dio part 2 is still drying the putty is taking forever, but it is very slowly drying maybe in a week I will be able to sand it....Sigh. Hope you like what you see, thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Great detail on that framework. What model is the little metal ball?