Oct 28, 2011

MG Pro Ball WIP 6

Painting, how I love to paint! I only actually got to paint one of these guys, but I love the metal look finish. and I am really hopeful that a nice flat coat will cover most of the plastics imperfections. Any way here is a sneak peak into the 3 RB79s. I will be finishing the assembly, and starting on the decals as soon as I can. The plan is to the beat the heck out of the Ver Ka I had and get her all weathered up and ready for a crash landing on my dio. Enough talk though!
I like that you can still see some of the red base coat I think it gives the gray a little extra shading. Not so shall we say gray....
The Mr. Metal Iron color worked nicely on the one on the far right. I would say its a pretty good match for the pro shop color scheme.
On another exciting note!

Is almost here, I have started the planning and purchasing. I have also found an amazing team to join!
The Ghost Squad!!!! I will be making the Sniper for the group. So needless to say I am going to have to modify a Zaku pretty heavily to make a decent sniper.

Hey what do you know. A sniper rifle setup. Nice And it shipped today. I cant wait to get this guy and see what needs to be done to make it work.

I also ordered the boosters to pimp this guy up as much as possible. I am thinking about a night scheme with some real dark blues and purples, but that is the flavor of the moment. As I can not start the build until December 1st I have plenty of time.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you like what you see.

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