Nov 4, 2011

MG Pro Shop Ball WIP 7

I finally got the dang diorama to work for me. Simplicity was the key to this one. Pla-plate and some glue, drew some lines to make it look like a small runway and taxi routes with a sectioned off work area, that will be covered by the to vehicle. Oh well details I know are there. Below you can see the masked off areas so I could paint the lines and work area.

And the after with the grey painted for the flight deck. I will weather it up a little bit and have some more details to add, but all in all I am happy with the results.
And now a sneak peak at the decals I have finished. I could not resist using these decals!! They are so awesome.

And the standard design.

I added a little flair to it but outside of that the Pro Shop colors are really cool. I have a lot more decals to do and some serious work on the other details of the dio, should be fun though. Thanks for stopping by.

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