Dec 15, 2012

Drehksturm WIP 4

I have been busy working on the clean up of this kit, and as usual with resin kits, just when I think I have it all cleaned and am ready to move onto the next parts for final clean up....I find another blemish I missed. Oh well, it will be nice in the end to have a good smooth finish.  I figured first I would show you the rough unfinished legs and such...It is an impressive conversion kit for sure. While personally I think its a full original stealing from the already made frame parts of a zeta.

Here you can see my basing intentions and working on positioning for the kit.

I changed the kits weapon placements a little taking some inspiration from the Kampher kit.
Here is the rough completed kit. I have mods that need to be done. IE I lost the piece of PCV that goes in the waist skirt to connect the chest and the waist together so I have to remedy that mess up.
But I do like the aggressive look of the kit on this base.

And below you will see my work on cleaning up the front leg armor. Below I have epoxied the pieces together, but the gap is still quite large.
I filled the gap in with putty and gave it a good long dry time. On the right you can see the leg I have already finished.
Below you can see post sanding work on the seam line.
And here is the mod for connecting the chest to the waist and raising it up some.
The small white part on the chest is 2 pieces of pal-plate that is going to raise up the chest.
Here is the view from the back. 
I have already primed all the pieces you see here, but due to the cold weather the paint stays soft for a very long time. So I am leaving it alone to dry fully.

As always, thank you for stopping by. T.G.

Dec 1, 2012

Drehksturm WIP 3 I believe....

 Well now that I have finished playing Dishonored, a great game by the way. Especially if you love inducing chaos like I do.

On to Gundam business: I have been working on finishing the clean up on the chest, and waist parts. I thought for those of you that have never worked a resin kit, or a conversion kit as this kit is. I will show you how I pin a part. Glue is nice, but sometimes super glue is a pain to work with. Normal plastic cements will not work well if at all on most resin compounds. So using a rigid pin is a great trick. Thick guitar wire, or small brass rods work best.
First step is to mark and drill out the part so it will have a spot for the pin.
 Do the same on both parts. Use some sticky tack to line up more complex parts. Below you can see I have pinned the waist piece from my MG Kit.
 I like to use gel super glue, just a little bit right over the hole you just drilled out. Then line up the pin and insert. I highly suggest you check the fit prior to glueing so you know the pin you cut isn't too long or some of the other issues like bends in the pin don't hamper your efforts.
 Here you can see the pinned part. Now stronger than if I would have just glued it.
 This is the glue I use. I have both the gel and the liquid. I like this one because the container allows for a lot of control in dispensing the glue.
 Here is the pre-primed and plated waist. I will say white resin hides a lot of the imperfections.  Normally I am a one time primer kind of guy, but this build is requiring me to change that and prime often to ensure I have a smooth finish.
 I will say Helmosengine (R.C.) did a great job ensuring a tight fit on the conversion pieces so far.
 But as usual I cant ever leave well enough alone. I get the first full casting of this kit and what do I do...add plating, and lines to increase details, as if Helmosengine didn't have a ton of detailing in this kit .
 Some additions to the chest too.
 The front piece to the waist skirt. All freshly primed and looking smoother. I will have to break out the 1000+ grit sand paper to ensure that my work is as smooth as I need it.

Thats where I am at so far. This kit has been a test of patience and a challenge at times. I knew that going in. R.C. warned me about it, but I love the design of this kit. I look forward to getting more of this awesome kit done.
As always thanks for stopping by, T.G.

Nov 29, 2012

Choose your side!!!!!!

Its official!!!! Every one choose sides and get your kits ready!!! Mecha Lounge is sponsoring the "CHAOS" Air vs. Land group build.

Any kits go tanks, aircraft, gundam, ships!!!!

Just bring your skills, and your want to win it for your side!

I am going Air are you for or against me?!?!

Good luck and build on. T.G.

Nov 16, 2012

Intro: MG Rezel Command Type Ver. Tem!!!

This was a straight build for the most part. I didn't do any modifications beyond the paint job. It's a build for my sister, so I had constraints. The most obvious one is she wanted green as the primary color. I spent a lot of time trying to find a good match for a green scheme. What I came up with was a 3 shades of green paint scheme. I added some white to break everything up. I did the same on the frame coloring. Using 2 metal shades, and a metallic blue; finishing everything up with some decals and a layer of future for a gloss finish. But enough chatter, Introducing the MG Rezel Command Type!!

I am using this color scheme as a test type for an upcoming build...but thats another story.

I really the green shading on the white though. Definitely my favorite effect that I have learned to do with my airbrush.

I used clear blue on all the lens parts to break up the green even more.

A simple, but quality build if I do say so myself.

As always, thank you for stopping by. T. G.