Dec 15, 2012

Drehksturm WIP 4

I have been busy working on the clean up of this kit, and as usual with resin kits, just when I think I have it all cleaned and am ready to move onto the next parts for final clean up....I find another blemish I missed. Oh well, it will be nice in the end to have a good smooth finish.  I figured first I would show you the rough unfinished legs and such...It is an impressive conversion kit for sure. While personally I think its a full original stealing from the already made frame parts of a zeta.

Here you can see my basing intentions and working on positioning for the kit.

I changed the kits weapon placements a little taking some inspiration from the Kampher kit.
Here is the rough completed kit. I have mods that need to be done. IE I lost the piece of PCV that goes in the waist skirt to connect the chest and the waist together so I have to remedy that mess up.
But I do like the aggressive look of the kit on this base.

And below you will see my work on cleaning up the front leg armor. Below I have epoxied the pieces together, but the gap is still quite large.
I filled the gap in with putty and gave it a good long dry time. On the right you can see the leg I have already finished.
Below you can see post sanding work on the seam line.
And here is the mod for connecting the chest to the waist and raising it up some.
The small white part on the chest is 2 pieces of pal-plate that is going to raise up the chest.
Here is the view from the back. 
I have already primed all the pieces you see here, but due to the cold weather the paint stays soft for a very long time. So I am leaving it alone to dry fully.

As always, thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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