Nov 18, 2011

MG RGM-79(G) WIP 2

Back to this guy! I have been working really hard on seam line removal lately trying to step my level of detail and perfection as it were. Here is a glimpse of how I did it. Basically took some Pro-Weld glue and after that dries I putty over it and sand it all down. Nothing original there, just basic practices.

I have decided to go light on the seam lines as the paint scheme for this guy isn't going to let those details be seen. I am going for a heavy armor look on it with huge bolts and plates.

You can see the putty left from sanding over the lines I didn't like, no one will ever know they were there later on...

Not a huge update, sorry with BF3 having come out I am taking a slight break from Gundam until the big builds in December and Jan.
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Nov 11, 2011

Pro Shop Ball Hanger Dio!

After a Month or so of solid work and effort the Dio has been completed! A lot of firsts in there too. Battle damage was fun, soldering iron made quick work of that one, weathering on a large scale, and a diorama period was something new. I'm not going to bore you with all the hows and whys, if you want that please read through the WIPS on this project.
Introducing the Pro Shop Ball Hanger. Two pristine RB-79s awaiting launch but have been delayed to the arrival of a Ver Ka RB-79 that has been badly damaged by enemy fire and a beam sabre.

And after a ton of pictures...thank you for stopping by.

Nov 6, 2011

MG Pro Shop Ball WIP 8

All right just a fast update, the weathering is done as far as I can tell on the base. Its overly strong right now because I have not flat coated it. Have to over do it so it looks right when you flat coat it. Still working on the decals, but being that I have to do everything x3 its a slow process. I am not following the Ver Ka decaling instructions that's for sure or I would never have this thing finished @_@ . I got all the basic placement down there are still a lot of details that need to be finished like the painting of the support vehicles wheels and details. But I just could not wait to see how this all came together.

This guy will be getting some serious damage done to him, but first I have to finish all the clean work. Its a process, but worth it none the less.

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Nov 5, 2011

Upcoming Contests!

There are a lot of great things going on as the weather cools off and there is hopefully more time for Gunpla, or whatever kind of thing you like to build.
Gundam Guy's G-Shot 2011 is going on right now :

Upcoming competitions and group builds at MAC are going to be awesome!!!
First one is starting in December with the Zaku group build

Followed by the 2012 Mecha Contest. There are a ton of prizes and huge sponsors My friends and I have donated prizes to the contest also. So check them out and bring your A game! I added a post with the rules for the Mecha Contest.
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Nov 4, 2011

MG Pro Shop Ball WIP 7

I finally got the dang diorama to work for me. Simplicity was the key to this one. Pla-plate and some glue, drew some lines to make it look like a small runway and taxi routes with a sectioned off work area, that will be covered by the to vehicle. Oh well details I know are there. Below you can see the masked off areas so I could paint the lines and work area.

And the after with the grey painted for the flight deck. I will weather it up a little bit and have some more details to add, but all in all I am happy with the results.
And now a sneak peak at the decals I have finished. I could not resist using these decals!! They are so awesome.

And the standard design.

I added a little flair to it but outside of that the Pro Shop colors are really cool. I have a lot more decals to do and some serious work on the other details of the dio, should be fun though. Thanks for stopping by.