Nov 18, 2011

MG RGM-79(G) WIP 2

Back to this guy! I have been working really hard on seam line removal lately trying to step my level of detail and perfection as it were. Here is a glimpse of how I did it. Basically took some Pro-Weld glue and after that dries I putty over it and sand it all down. Nothing original there, just basic practices.

I have decided to go light on the seam lines as the paint scheme for this guy isn't going to let those details be seen. I am going for a heavy armor look on it with huge bolts and plates.

You can see the putty left from sanding over the lines I didn't like, no one will ever know they were there later on...

Not a huge update, sorry with BF3 having come out I am taking a slight break from Gundam until the big builds in December and Jan.
Thanks for stopping by.

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