Dec 2, 2011

RGM-79(G) Sniper

I really wanted to start work on my Zaku build, but I need to practice working on the Camouflage painting technique I will be using on it. So I will have to live with finishing this build. I hate having unfinished work in my closet anyway. I have a really hard time going back and working on it. Case in point the F-91 I started like 8 months ago.

I got the Dio done to 95% complete. Need to let the glue dry and then paint the trees to lose that plastic look, but beyond that I am good with what I have done.

Initial placement of the RGM looks good to me. Need to finish one of the legs and one arm and I can start cleaning up and and priming.

And a couple of close ups so you can see what I have accomplished so far. I am really working on adding the little details that need to be done to give that 100% complete look. Painting is going to take me a while on this guy too. I will take a lot of photos of the process so I can share it with my readers.

Hope you like what you see. This is my first post from my new iMac, took some figuring out to get the images re sized, and edited so I liked them, but I think I have it all figured out for now. Thank you for stopping by.

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