Dec 22, 2011

Introducing the RGM-79(G) Sniper Diorama

It is complete!!!!

The story: A HiZack has fallen from orbit and is trying to get back to its base, along the way a seasoned patrolling EFGF RGM-79(G) Sniper locates some movement on its sensors and follows the HiZack some how the HiZack hears the sniper and gets off a shot it grazes the snipers side, and shoulders. This is the only successful grouping of shots though. After the HiZack turns and fires the RGM-79(G) gets two kill shots in; the first one disabling the head camera and decapitating it, the second shot straight through the shield into the chest separating the Hizack from its legs.

I used the soft masking technique I shared earlier to get the camouflage coloring scheme. I didn't go too heavy on the weathering because I didn't want to cover the lovely paint up. I added antennas for sensors and some heavy bolts and plating to add detail to an older kit. This was a lot of fun to build for sure. A soldering iron was used to create the major damages, and a file was used to create the other nicks and scratches.

I hope you like it! as always Comments and concerns are welcome!

Hope you like it, thank you for stopping by!