Dec 10, 2011

RGM-79(G) Sniper WIP 10 (decided that was a good number)

Well if this is WIP 10 then I might be missing some, but you will forgive me for that, and if not then um this next WIP is just going to be awkward. :)

Finished doing the camouflage paint scheme this afternoon between breaks in the rain...Got to love the winters here in Okinawa. Some people were asking for some pictures and an explanation on how I was going to do it. I will let you know that I did not come up with this idea. I just stole it and am sharing it again.

Step 1: 3x5 card or in my case half cards that I found at the store. Draw out the design you want to be used. Remember this is a soft mask so the lines are not going to be perfect.

Here is the design cut out and ready to go. Mix up your color and go to your perfect paint spot. Mine is a little closet that's outside.
I used higher pressure, because I wanted more bleed over. Lighter pressure will allow for more precision.
Once you paint it you can see how I have 3 clearly defined colors, I used different shapes for them all to add details. I just went 100% randomly and painted the colors.
This is what I had before I started to paint. Just brown BLAH!!!

And here is my newly painted, and futured RGM.

Ready for panel lines and decals. So shiny. Don't worry I will flat coat it after all the other crap I have to do is done. So many steps.

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