Dec 5, 2011

RGM-79 WIP 9 or 10....

Ok so I lost count on the WIP's and don't feel like going back to look. Took some photos as I get ready to prep for paint. I used a technique I saw on the Internet to add texture to the armor. Sorry I forget what site I found it on otherwise I would give props, I am not that original after all.
Basically all I did was take a piece of the armor, put some tamiya cement on it liberally I might add. after letting it set for a feds seconds, I took a tooth brush and brushed in all different directions.
Here you can see the final results of the work. Now to finish it....
BAM!!! one textured Gundam.

A few missed places in the armor on the legs, but 95% done.
I know there are comments on the clean dio, but I had an old HiZack and thought maybe it would finish up the duo if there was a story. My thoughts are the HiZack has fallen from space and was in transit back to a friendly base when the RGM-79 located him a furious search and tracking culminated in a clean kill.

Nothing is final, no placement done. Just playing with the idea right now. Please share your thoughts. And as always thank you for looking.

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